Bases Bloated: Your Weekly Look at Stuff and Things

Welcome to Bases Bloated, a weekly column dedicated to pop culture, baseball and probably a bunch of stuff regarding Keanu Reeves. There’s no real reason behind the Keanu Reeves stuff. I just dig his movies and his face and whatever. Don’t tell me you didn’t like John Wick. I know you did. Everybody did. That’s why they’re doing a sequel, Jonh Wick 2: The Wickening.

Bases Bloated will also explore the world of high fashion – mostly because I want YSL to sponsor The Spitter so I can get a Classic Large Monogram Saint Laurent Satchel in Black Grain de Poudre Textured Matelassé Leather. When I dream, I dream in black and gold.

Look for Bases Bloated every Friday.

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