Smitty’s Loose Change: Xavier “The Aviator” Avery

In addition to the beginning of the baseball season, this weekend offers the end of the college of basketball season. Well, Monday night does, anyway. On Saturday, you can watch Carolina and Syracuse, two of the least-likable programs in the country. I had Virginia in my brackets, so I’m done. Some highlights of the week:

Keith Good wants you to call the cops on the Cleveland baseball team when they take the field wearing the racist grinning red-man mascot.

Tyler Kepner has a great story in the New York Times called “The Endangered Species of Baseball.” It’s full of stuff you don’t see anymore, like a 75-stolen-base season or a 250-innings-pitched season. Worth reading.

Boston’s Pablo Sandoval lost his job at third base this week.

Mets’ Matt Harvey held it too long and some bad stuff happened in there. Then he got mad at everyone for snickering. (hyuk hyuk! snort!)

They found some old Vikings in Newfoundland. Vikings were scary.

Baltimore has a non-roster player in spring training named Xavier Avery. I think his nickname should be “The Aviator.” If you have a better, more mellifluous nickname for Xavier Avery, leave it in the comments section.

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