Smitty’s Loose Change: 52 Ks & a play

The Orioles set a major league record this week, striking out 52 times in a three-game series in Houston. Amazingly, the Astros pitchers also set a major league record, striking out 52 Orioles.

Our new guy Emery scouted Bonds vs. Francouer. Yes, THAT Bonds and Francouer.

We dropped another podcast on you this week. Andy Smith and Brad Bortone talked with the guy who runs marketing at Out of thfe Park Baseball, the best baseball simulation game out there.

Keith Good knows his way around a Broadway hit. His Tex Slide Story is online and let’s just say … I smell a Tony!

Brad Bortone offers some solutions as to what could possibly be wrong with Matt Harvey.

Duke Jackson reminds us that these are the good old days.

Landon Evanson wants to see pitchers throw four wide balls for an intentional walk. I agree.

Elisabeth Galina wrote about the sad news that the singer for the iconic Canadian rock band the Tragically Hip has brain cancer that doesn’t look good.

Scott Fendley looks into the most disappointing season for the Phillies. The team’s been around for a long time and seen its share of heartbreak. But 1979 was special.

It’s Memorial Day. We’ll be watching baseball and tweeting all weekend. So go ahead, enjoy yourself. Do some grilling. Check in on us once in a while.

Dimple your burgers before you grill them. I hate when grilled hamburgers take the shape of meatballs. Flip them once and don’t press them. Put a little olive oil on a sliced onion and throw that on the grill too.

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