Smitty’s Loose Change: The Padres, IKEA and Camouflage Hats

The Padres “executive chairman” called his team miserable failures on Wednesday. And Thursday, his team responded by yakking up a 10-run lead and losing to Seattle. At home. The worst part about this video is the M’s fans sitting behind the plate in San Diego, high-fiving and generally yucking it up while the hometown fans endure a horrifying nine-run inning.

Is it an IKEA product or a death metal band? Take the quiz! And turn it up, man!

Keith Good points out that Major League Baseball doesn’t really understand Memorial Day.  The camouflage hats and jerseys … just, no.

My dumb little take on Baltimore’s Nolan Reimold angered somebody who claims his last name isn’t Reimold.

Elisabeth Galina interviewed the guy who runs the Jewish Baseball Museum. And it’s gevaldik!

You can have your Clemenses and your Ryans. The real strikeout king was Matt Kilroy.

The Cubs? Disappointing? Nah. In a century of disappointment, Scott Fendley points at 1985 as the most disappointing at Wrigley.

Speaking of Wrigley, when you’re banned there’s only place that delivers comparable action: the circuit courthouse. Keith’s one-act play.


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