Smitty’s Loose Change: Tandoori Knights, David Wright & Haircuts

I’ve been away for a while. Taking a summer break. What’d I miss?

While you check out these links, listen to this toe-tapper from Montreal’s Tandoori Knights.

Duke Jackson wrote a piece on Ichiro about a week and a half ago and it was fantastic.The Duke compares Suzuki to Pete Rose and declares the Japanese national the winner.

Hardball Theatre is back and Keth Good’s The Usher is a gem. You’ve done it, I’ve done it, everyone’s done it. But the Usher’s going to throw you out of the seats that aren’t yours.

Scott Fendley sings the praises  of the great Nate Colbert, wondering what his career might have looked like had he not played in San Diego.

Fendley also gets steamed up about steroids, alleging that every era has some version of tainted baseball. Can we please just get past the indignation?

Brad Bortone thinks maybe it’s time for David Wright to, uh, ride off into the sunset.

When I was a college freshman, I learned to drink beer standing on my head. Our Emery J writes about a bunch of frosh whose time is spent more constructively. It’s The Spitter’s Freshman All-American team!

David Chalk makes a rare Spitter appearance this week. He’s jealous that he can’t wear gross sweatpants to work.

Keith Good celebrates the Cavs’ NBA title alongside his friends and family in Cleveland. Maybe it’s a little bandwagon, but he’s got an idea that I think might sell.

Libs Galina allows us a peek into the world of women’s hair. She sprung for the $18 “trim and is now walking around with the back of her head bare-ass naked.

And now, wrapping up, check out the Rocklopedia Fakebandica – the encyclopedia of fake bands that appeared on TV shows.

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