Loose Change: A Tough Week

It’s not been one of our better weeks here in the United States. Our hearts are with our friends in St. Paul, Baton Rouge and Dallas.

We learned back when our site was still Bugs&Cranks that, when the readership grows, so does the number of shitheads who visit our site. One such shithead visits us periodically and leaves racist comments on our posts. Typically, I’ll just delete his post and move on. But today, of all days, he wrote something stupid on a Duke Jackson post and we’re just going to leave it there. Congratulations, guy.

This week, Scott Fendley wrote a piece about two members of Congress who are trying to get minor leaguers played less. It’s the feelgood hit of the summer!

Terri Narrell was proud of her country and her team on July 4 when the Braves hosted Miami at Fort Bragg, N.C. Hats off to both teams and to Fr. Bragg.

Fendley recounted a wacky night in Modesto, CA.

Duke Jackson dropped the hammer on ESPN’s Andrew Marchand.

I’ve never understood the expression “have your cake and eat it too.” I’ve always thought it was some kind of grim eastern European expression about having cake but being physically unabale to enjoy it. Somehow I related this to Mark Trumbo.

The Nats need help. That ballpark. The parking. That emcee guy between innings. It’s bad.

Let’s have a better week next week, huh?

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