Why “The Spitter?”

After evolving from a website called “Bugs & Cranks” — a name that we likely spent more time explaining than promoting — the folks behind The Spitter wanted something a little more immediate and memorable to describe our unique brand of baseball commentary.

Patrick Smith, long-time Bugs & Cranks scribe and the fearless leader of this new venture, chose the name because The Spitter harkens back to the days when baseball cheating meant sandpaper and pine tar, not anabolics and amphetamines. The spitball, when used properly, was at once, unexpected, left of center, strategically deployed, and damn effective.

That’s exactly how we see ourselves. In a world in which journalism has been reduced to clickbait, listicles, slide presentations and zero originality, we want to bring back the pure literary quality of good sports journalism. Oh sure, we want clicks. But we want to earn them the right way.

We feel this “old school” approach will be as refreshing as a year without PEDs and Tommy John surgeries. And we think you’ll agree.