.50 Gets You a Frosty & 6 Weeks of MLB.TV

You’ve perhaps noticed that we here at TheSpitter have eschewed advertising. Back when we were Bugs&Cranks, we had stacks of annoying and irrelevant ads. Some would talk to you, some would try to scalp tickets to events as disparate as Manchester United and Arizona State football.

We never made any money off those ads and they just gummed up the site. So here we are, naked as the day we were born, no ads. Therefore, rest assured that the following bit of news is wholly unbiased and organic.

Here goes: it would appear that, for the rest of the season, you can watch MLB.TV Premium on your phone or tablet or your Xbox or even your damn TV, all for the price of a Frosty from Wendy’s.

If the email that landed in my spam folder Tuesday contains any truth at all, you can buy a cheap Frosty, take a photo of it, tweet or instagram it, follow some directions … and enjoy all the games for the rest of the season. You gotta do it before August 31. And you gotta be among the first 36,000 in the nation to do it.

I’m gonna try it. I’ll report back. The worst thing that can happen is it doesn’t work and you get a Frosty.

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