Monthly Archives: July 2018

Trade Day: Dodgers Go For It

Brian Dozier strode into the Los Angeles Dodgers dugout and was greeted…by the bat boy…Ho hum, another All-Star/MVP candidate/Gold-Glover. Once he alerted Manager Dave Roberts to his presence, it was all smiles as the team welcomed this year’s Logan Forsythe by getting rid of…Logan Forsythe. Probably a typical case of two good guys needing a change of scenery. Forsythe hit

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NL East: Buy, Sell or Does It Matter Since Washington’s Sleep Wal….Wait. What?

So, somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 games ago, one wag (that’s old-timer for smart-alec punk) dismissed the entire National League East except Washington, who was guaranteed to “sleep walk through the division.” Little problem with that. Washington has been asleep alright, but not winning at any particularly rapid pace and has been far behind just about everyone in the

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