The Spitter Staff

We don’t mean to brag, but The Spitter has a pretty storied collection of alumni. And our current staff is comprised of some of the finest sports and humor writers working today.

Hyperbole? Perhaps. But our teams — both in the past with Bugs & Cranks, and presently with The Spitter — have more than enough chops to back it up.

If you’ve read Sports Illustrated, Yahoo! Sports, CNN SI, or any major sports media site, chances are you’ve come across someone who has worked here.

We come from all professions and backgrounds, range in age from millennial to AARP, and all have different perspectives on the Oxford comma. But we’re all writers, and we love the game of baseball.

Soon, you’ll get to know them all, and see exactly why we’re so excited about re-introducing them to the world.

More to come…