Yo, Maniacal Twins Fans, Relax, We’re Gonna

On the cusp of Minnesota’s American League wild card game tonight, I am experiencing something I’m completely unfamiliar with – calm. Don’t get me wrong, the Yankees are a worrisome club, particularly for the Twins, who have been bounced from the playoffs four times by the Bombers in as many tries. Nonetheless, I’m confident that a team with suspect pitching

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One Grand Addition Could Make The Los Angeles Dodgers Unbeatable, But It’s Not The Grand Addition You’re Thinking Of

  “Historic.” “Amazing.” “Unbelievable.” Such have been the words to describe the Dodgers’ season. Cody Bellinger has the rookie of the year title probably sewn up. Justin Turner is second in the race for the batting title. Alex Wood and Clayton Kershaw are 29-3. It’s all gravy. Except…it isn’t. Turner got hurt after starting the year hitting .400 and he

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Kato Kaelin – Brewers Fan

Kato Kaelin, remember him? America’s Unwelcome Houseguest? Well, he’s a Milwaukee Brewers fan. Surprising, isn’t it? He’s also an avid tweeter about the Brewers. Bases loaded @Brewers w no outs and 1 run Fn sucks! Really? Really? Counsell just do a suicide squeeze. Do something & don’t b out Maddened — Kato Kaelin (@Kato_Kaelin) July 29, 2017 Counsell MUST B

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