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Pitch Count? We Don’t Need a Stinkin’ Pitch Count!

Sometimes a game is so full of badness, it ends up being great, like this little ditty from 1974. I enjoy baseball Twitter, especially the posts of statistical oddities and whatnot. These tweets, by people such as Doug Kern, Mark Simon, or Jayson Stark (among others) usually take the form of “The Reds haven’t hit four batters in an inning

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Kato Kaelin – Brewers Fan

Kato Kaelin, remember him? America’s Unwelcome Houseguest? Well, he’s a Milwaukee Brewers fan. Surprising, isn’t it? He’s also an avid tweeter about the Brewers. Bases loaded @Brewers w no outs and 1 run Fn sucks! Really? Really? Counsell just do a suicide squeeze. Do something & don’t b out Maddened — Kato Kaelin (@Kato_Kaelin) July 29, 2017 Counsell MUST B

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