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Class And Grace Personified: Home Run King Hank Aaron Dead At 86

We forget sometimes that our heroes will not live forever. Hank Aaron has passed away, but his actions and words and comportment truly helped change the world. I love Hank Aaron, as much as you can love a man you’ve never met. I love his humility. I love his honor. I love his dignity. I love his effort. I love

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Stealing Signs: The Moral Question Surrounding Well-Done Thievery And The Punishment That Should Follow

Insider trading is illegal as hell. The Astros system of relaying signs from the video replay booths to the dugout to field is exactly the same thing. If you’re gaining an advantage that another team doesn’t have because they’re following the rules and you’re not, then that’s cheating. And getting caught should have consequences.

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The Year(s) of Cleveland

This is Cleveland’s year, even if it isn’t. Cleveland was always going to live or die by its pitching. In June, the team lived like kings. Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar ate hapless batters and crapped shutouts. Trevor Bauer, a strikeout specialist with a Rick Vaughn-like wild streak, was finally limiting his walks. Even 5th starter Josh Tomlin

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