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A long time ago, a miniature, overblown egomaniac once had a moment of clarity, when he told me, “People aren’t looking to read your content. They’re looking for a reason to avoid it.”

The reason? Because everything on the web is the same.

  • “10 Reasons Your Blog Sucks”
  • “This Man Put His Finger in a Lion’s Mouth. You Won’t BELIEVE What Happens Next!”
  • “Top Ten Reasons the Royals Will Repeat in 2016”

Yeah, I’d look to avoid it, too.

The Spitter is, first and foremost, a site about baseball journalism. We are a passionate group of scribes, with forward-thinking ideas, but with our feet firmly entrenched in a better time for writing — when “long-form” meant >7,500 words, not “a large photo gallery.”

If you’re tired of not reading your reading material, and prefer funny, insightful, heartfelt editorial about all things baseball, be sure to bookmark this page.

We may not be trendy, but we never were. And we’re damn proud of that.

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