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Solving MLB’s Balance Problem

Every year, a baseball tries to lose its way to success. Occasionally one succeeds. Should MLB try to force more competition or allow bad general managers to continue to put their team’s dwindling fan base through the ringer?

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Tanking is Stupid… And it’s Not Really Happening in Baseball

I get it. It’s the offseason. Dexter Fowler is the best free agent left on the board. Baseball writers need something to talk about. But the recent wave of tanking talk is a bit of a stretch. Dave Cameron did a great job of refuting the tanking notion over at Fangraphs, saying: “It’s interesting that this issue is being raised

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Let’s Get Tanked.

Have you heard? Baseball’s hottest topic this spring is tanking. For those who remain blissfully unaware, allow me to give you a headache: tanking involves a franchise deciding its current on-field talent base is not competitive enough, so in an effort to re-build on the cheap, they undertake a systematic stripping of all viable major league assets in an effort

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