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Jacob De Grom Poised To Benefit From Nolan Ryan’s 1987 Campaign

Jacob de Grom may win the Cy Young Award this year. Nolan Ryan should have won it under similar conditions in 1987. Photo by Patrick Feller via Flickr.

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NL East: Buy, Sell or Does It Matter Since Washington’s Sleep Wal….Wait. What?

So, somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 games ago, one wag (that’s old-timer for smart-alec punk) dismissed the entire National League East except Washington, who was guaranteed to “sleep walk through the division.” Little problem with that. Washington has been asleep alright, but not winning at any particularly rapid pace and has been far behind just about everyone in the

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Depressing Team Chooses Depression President

  “Herbert [bleepin’] Hoover?” Those were the first words out of my mouth when I read the Washington Nationals had selected our 31st president as a part of their “racing presidents” gimmick at Nationals Park. Don’t get me wrong, I was never a fan of adding “Bill” Taft in 2013 or “Silent Cal” Coolidge in 2015, but for a team looking to reignite

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