Fowler? I Hardly Knew Her!

And just like that, Dexter Fowler is back with the Cubs.

Wait, what? Fowler was all but locked up to play right field for the Orioles. The O’s were ready to part with a draft pick and a lot of money. For weeks, Baltimore has negotiated with Fowler and Yovani Gallardo. The smart math said, “if the O’s do get Gallardo, it only makes sense to get Fowler, too.”

Gallardo, a right handed starting pitcher, comes at a bargain price. But the O’s had to surrender one of their many first round draft picks to haul him in. It kind of hurt to lose that pick, but I was more excited about Fowler than Gallardo.

An actual leadoff hitter who can get on base. A dependable switch-hitter, even, who could set the table for the rest of the team. Manny Machado could have moved out of the leadoff spot and into a run production hole in the lineup.

Well, so much for that. Back to scanning the presidential polls and wishing for a right fielder at Camden Yards.

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