Matt Harvey’s Greatest Offseason Adventure

Not every baseball man has time for a full-length interview with Landon Evanson, but most do find time to send a thoughtful written response to a single question – for example, what was the highlight of your offseason?  That’s what we asked former New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey, and here’s his unedited response…

Dear The Spitter,

My offseason highlight? What an easy question! By far, the funnest thing I did this offseason was attend the Dockers x CFDA NYFWM Opening Party during New York Fashion Week.  I still have no idea what all those letters stand for, but I certainly understood Dockers and party! I mean I enjoy baseball and all, but ever since I was a kid growing up on the mean streets of New London, Connecticut, my true passion has been khakis.  A lot of people don’t know this, but I rocked khakis before my nude photo shoot for ESPN The Magazine.

There was free booze at the Dockers party, but I was even more excited about getting to meet model Tyson Beckford!  Man, he was so cool, and what a dresser! His jacket and shoes matched his khakis!  I felt real schlubby in my black leather jacket and black sneakers, but Tyson was still real nice to me.  I mean I don’t think he believed me when I told him I minored in fashion design at UNC, but I felt like we really had a real connection.

Tyson told me about how like ten years ago he crashed his truck and crawled out just before it burst into flames and how he has been real spiritual since then.  I was like that’s awesome, I think I remember seeing you talk about that with Oprah back in the day.  Then we did some tequila shots for Oprah.  It really helped put losing the World Series in perspective and how I should be grateful that I have my health and great opportunities to go to cool stuff and wear cool stuff and meet cool people.  The whole experience was intense and awesome, and left me totally pumped to pack my best khakis and head south for spring training.

Best Regards,

Matt Harvey

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