Smitty’s Loose Change: Cuba, Brussels, Queen and Joe Garagiola

It’s one of those weeks when the horrifying news from Brussels makes sports and humor seem frivolous. But isn’t that exactly what we love about both of them?

I have a feeling the Baltimore Orioles are in trouble. Ever since Dexter Fowler left them at the altar, they’ve had nothing but bad news. They signed lefty reliever Zach Phillips yesterday and manager Buck Showalter called him “a guy who was available.”

Do you think Queen gets their due as a band? After “Bohemian Rhapsody” and the ridiculous “We Will Rock You,” they kind of knew what they were doing on the bombastic classic rock front. Also, if you haven’t had your Queen-themed fantasy draft yet, TheSpitter’s Peter Robins-Brown has got you covered.

Tampa Bay traveled to Cuba for an exhibition win that cost them a long ride home.

Arizona’s Peter O’Brien hit the hardest homer ever recorded by StatCast┬áMonday off the Giants’ Mike Broadway. The ball traveled 462 feet and came off the bat faster than 119 mph. He can’t field and he can’t run, so that’ll wow the fans in Reno.

This week marked the 15th anniversary of the exploding pigeon.

One my favorite broadcasters died this week. Joe Garagiola sounded like the embodiment of niceness. If he wasn’t, do me a favor and don’t tell me.

I saw this thing in a cookbook yesterday called a Dutch Baby. I’ve never had it, but I’m going to try making one this weekend. It’s like pie and a pancake at the same time.

Another installment in Scott Fendley’s excellent series of disappointing seasons. He gives us the 1965 Yankees.

So, you’re parking your Audi Q5 on the fourth floor of a parking garage, right? Whoops! Thank heavens this woman wasn’t seriously injured. (see the 3:30 mark for proof.)


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