What if San Diego Never Scores?

Admit it: unless you’re from San Diego, you’ll be a little disappointed when the Padres finally score a run. It’s natural. We’re human. We identify with suffering. We slow down on the Beltway to gawk at accidents.

We love to think “Man, I’m glad that’s not me,” when we see people in unfortunate situations. And the Padres are one unfortunate situation. They’ve gotten blanked two straight at home by the Dodgers. Losing 15-0 in Monday’s opener, they had four hits and two errors. Then Tuesday, in a 3-0 loss, they got two hits and committed another error.

Rationally, we know that San Diego is bound to push a run across the plate soon. Maybe Wednesday night’s game will yield a landslide of runs at PetCo. But deep in our hearts, we’d kind of like to see what it would look like if they never scored a run all year.

Wouldn’t you like to see that? You sicko.


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