Fire Curt Schilling


Bigoted windbag Curt Schilling is at it again. He posted an ugly, hateful meme on social media, lamely trying to make a point about North Carolina’s ill-considered law involving transgendered people and public restrooms. Schilling’s clever meme displayed someone who’s very likely mentally ill, stuffed into a bizarre costume with a sarcastic comment about letting this guy into the bathroom with your child.

Hey, ESPN! I have an idea. Why don’t you just fire Curt Schilling and never have to be embarrassed by his ignorance or his bigotry ever again?

And why didn’t you do it the last time you suspended him? You’ll recall, he posted another social media meme, this time conflating Islam with Nazis.

There’s nothing funny or cute about Schilling. It’s not even about liberal vs. conservative politics. It’s about his dimwitted judgement. Nobody cares what Schilling thinks of politics.

The longer ESPN employs Schilling, the longer he’ll have a little slice of the sports world’s attention. And that’s been long enough already.

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