Smitty’s Loose Change: 2 Passed Balls, Curt Schilling and Cartoon Sound Effects

Everybody here at TheSpitter is saddened by the loss of Prince. Here’s a really awesome piece of a concert recorded in 1985.

Nobody knows how they’re doing it, but Baltimore remains perched atop the AL East. Both Thursday and Friday, Toronto catchers Josh Thole and Russell Martin boxed easy-to-handle pitches, allowing the O’s to sneak away with a series win.

The Brewers have had plenty of disappointment in their history. But Scott Fendley shows us that 2012 stands out for MKE fans.

We’re happy that ESPN took our advice and shitcanned the insufferable and unfun Curt Schilling.

All Peter Robins-Brown wanted was to watch his Tigers from the comfort of his New Orleans home. ON THE SUBSCRIPTION HE PAID FOR! Is that so wrong?

Smitty’s old-guy baseball team opened its season over the weekend, after getting snowed out two straight weeks. The game is what passed for a thriller in this league.

And now … the best hour and 18 minutes of your week. Nothing but Hanna Barbera cartoon sound effects. And you can download them, too. If the effect at 1 minute, 33 seconds of this doesn’t make you spit out your coffee laughing, then I don’t know what to do with you.

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