Welcome, President Trumbo!

I don’t get all the fuss about today’s inauguration. I mean, the guy hit 47 homers last year. A hundred-and-eight RBIs is nothing to protest — unless you’re a Toronto fan. Come on, Mr. Trumbo! Let’s make the Orioles great again!

Didn’t we hear him say he’d “bomb the hell out of the Red Sox?” Or something like that? And that he’ll have his way with the Yankees by “grabbing them by the bullpen?” Right?

A Trumbo administration will see its share of strikeouts. We learned that last year. And the on-base percentage thing is a problem. A .303 lifetime OBP is pretty paltry.

But don’t rain on today’s parade. Let’s all unite and respect the office of the designated hitter. The agreement is made, the $37.5 million contract will soon be signed. Welcome, President Trumbo!

Say it with me, fans! Three! More! Years!

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