At Least We Have Cool Giveaways

Got the second-to-last Matt Harvey gnome.

That was the highlight of Saturday’s game.

Anemic offense. Imploding and overworked bullpen. Riddled with injuries. Errors. Missteps on the base paths. Swinging at first pitches. Walking the bases loaded. Walking in runs. And Jose Reyes. Jose Reyes had the trifecta on Tuesday – not hitting, dropping the ball and almost getting caught in rundown (thank you for botching it, Phillies, even if we lost).

These are just some of the gaffes and frustrations Mets fans have had to endure during this 1-7 skid. That 5-game win streak seems so long ago.

One thing’s for sure, it’s way too early to panic. It’s only April 24 and we’re just under .500 (8-10). The season is certainly not over as one doom-and-gloom Mets fan on the number-7 train professed yesterday.

I was at Friday’s game too. And hey, it was better then Saturday’s game. There were glimmers of hope. With the bench depleted, starter Zack Wheeler got a pinch hit (maybe Jose Reyes can learn a thing or two from him). Granderson’s RBI single and home run were promising. Robles isn’t terrible (in fact he has the most wins so far). Mets managed to tie and send the game to extra innings.

And of course, Familia’s return …. and subsequent implosion. To be fair, Familia did inherit runners (Harper doubled and Murphy was intentionally walked). Still, a wild pitch and back-to-back walks to Rendon and Turner (who was batting .157 at the time) is not quite the homecoming we were hoping for from Familia.

But hey, maybe just maybe, Daniel Murphy responded to my friend, Cyn’s tweet. You be the judge:


At the very least, it’s comic relief.

So, here’s to the next 144 games and the gimmicks that help keep Mets fans sane. I’ll be here waiting for more wins, more hits, the real return of our closer and no more NL East team opponents.

And maybe, one day, a Thor helmet giveaway.


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