Hey MLB! Do Something A Little Sooner With The Awards, Wontcha?

As Major League Baseball has taken steps to shorten games, I think it’s time they also take the steps necessary to shorten the season and that includes the award season.

November 13, is a time for families and fans around the country to think about what size turkey to buy for Thanksgiving.

For baseball, it’s a little late.

A lot of baseball fans wonder why football has become the favorite sport of America. Maybe more people like football because there is a clean beginning and a clean end. Everyone likes predictability.

The NFL showcases their award winners with pomp and circumstance during the preparation for the Super Bowl.

MLB does it with a press release.

For once, let’s take a play from the other sports’ playbook and announce our awards during the World Series, when fans still care.

Here are the contenders:

Good news: only 92 days until pitchers and catchers report for Spring training:

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