About The Spitter

In 2006, a young, talented, motivated web designer named Jesse Pugh had a vision to marry sports writing and humor, with a presentation unlike anything the web had seen before. And he succeeded. Bugs & Cranks was born later that year, and quickly assimilated itself into the burgeoning world of independent sports blogging.

Over the years, Bugs & Cranks achieved considerable success, with our writers’ work regularly highlighted on the pages of Deadspin, Bleacher Report, CNN’s Extra Mustard and countless other prominent sports sites.

Additionally, many Bugs alumni have gone on to great success in more mainstream media, including Sports Illustrated, Yahoo! Sports, and more. For these select few, Bugs didn’t just pass the time, it started bigger careers.

Now, a decade later, several Bugs & Cranks graduates have recaptured that initial magic all over again through the site in front of you. We are The Spitter. Some of the names are the same, the focus is the same, and the quality of the work is the same, if not better. And our goal is to create something new and exciting that better represents the things about baseball that we love.

We want to be old school, in that our content will be honest, heartfelt, funny and real — the qualities that made Bugs & Cranks such a success at the start. But we’re also going to be more closely tied into the online community, and the vehicles with which they communicate. We are introducing new elements like podcasts about beer; book, television, and movie reviews, and more of a focus on all things baseball.

We will also have a much firmer finger on the pulse of social media.

Bottom Line: We’re back, and we can’t wait to recapture the magic once more.


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