What I Know About Manny Machado

I wonder if the Dodgers are going to do something about Manny Machado’s dirty play. Maybe? Never? Conveniently after the series is over/his contract is up? Next year if they re-sign him?

And where will Major League Baseball come down on Saturday’s incident in Los Angeles?

They’ve already fined him once, not that it did any good. In fact, it may have gotten worse.

Saturday night marked three incidents this season alone. While with the Baltimore  Orioles he spiked Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia in the side/back of the knee.

With the Dodgers he stepped on the heel of Brewers’ first baseman Jesus Aguilar during the National League Championship Series and then on the heel of Red Sox first baseman Steve Pearce during Game 4 of the World Series.

This latest incident occurred in the bottom of the ninth by Machado after blowing a bubble running to first on a double play ball with the Dodgers down by three.

Which brings up the notion he’s not the kind to give his all every play. This is just days after being called out for not hustling, “Not my cup of tea” he said, and he’s blowing a bubble running down the first base line when his team’s season is on the line?

I don’t what Machado is thinking or why.

I know that part of his mind is somewhere else. I know that the days of Ty Cobb’s high-spike slides are long gone. I know that I’ve never spiked someone or stepped on the back of a fielder’s foot in three decades of organized baseball and rec league softball. I know that this is a guy who has every reason to try his hardest but just doeant. I know the league needs to act. And I know he doesn’t to be with the Dodgers next year.


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