Poem/Schmoem: A Questionable Off-season

Up from my slumber
smell the spring grass
so much unanswered, lots  
of preguntas

2018’s surprise keeps 
boo birds at bay?
The upstart Phillies?
opener Rays? 

Which NL West team 
will find a groove? 
Padres with Harper?
Giants no moves?

Salary-dumping A’s 
land the most wins? 
or JoeMauer/Mol-
itor-less Twins? 

Winter has taken
Utley? Beltre?
Victorino? Werth?
All Dodgers, a day

Puig to Cinci
speaking of which
Wood for Pollock?
That a good switch?

After all these years
Longoria: Eva?
Evan at third? 

Can Boston Return?
Baltimore funk?
New York Yankees turn?
Will anyone bunt?

Goldschmidt a Cardinal?
Houston is gassed?
Cleveland wins Central?
First skip is trashed?

Where’s “Sometimes I play”
Manny Machado? 
I do not care.

Been a long winter.
Plenty of raining
Soon on the Spitter:
Live! Spring Training!!!

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