One-Batter Reliever No More In 2020 As MLB Slaps Itself On The Back For Fixing The Game

Is it really going to make a difference time-wise if we mandate relief pitchers face three batters?

No. But eliminating the warm-up tosses would.

No matter. The new rule changes announced by Major League Baseball aren’t meant to actually do something to speed up play, like, say, a pitch clock would.

Will teams be severely effected by a July 31 trade deadline?

No. Teams with lousy management and fickle fans will still trade away the game’s best players.

Speaking of the Miami Marlins, they will be forced to at least look at their young talent sooner. And what will that do? Speed up the process players’ service clock…which will allow them to get out of Dodge sooner.

What do the rule changes really do? Take eyes off the game’s future crash when television and radio stops paying exhorbitant broadcast rights. It also delays the inevitable investigation into the reasons baseballs are flying out of ballparks at such a high rate.

Not sayin’. Just sayin’.

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