It’s A Bill G Stream-Of-Consciousness Opening D!

A’s marking time until new stadium or move

Giants can’t retain players -no help from minors

Mariners back to reality and sub 500

Angels can’t win with two best players -another non playoff season

Astros solid everywhere back to the WS

Guardians came together last year -play well as a team

Tigers keep hoping for a renaissance like the city -too many dead bats

Royals could see a big jump -young players starting to pay off

Twins: solid team here if Correa healthy

Yanks blood and thunder blue… who pitches?

Rays who are they? They just keep winning

Orioles: loads of talent -playoff possible

Red Sox: tired old team

Mets: the time is now!

Phil’s: all systems go

Pirates should be relegated to AA

Nats will be more interesting to watch than debates over the debt limit

Miami: one great pitcher and done

Braves: best talent in MLB

Padres young superstars come thru -World Series bound

Dodgers less talent than recent years, still dangerous, Tony Gonsolin most underrated pitcher in MLB

Rockies got to lose those horrid uniforms

Arizona: snakes and sand That’s about it!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2023 season!

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