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Kato Kaelin – Brewers Fan

Kato Kaelin, remember him? America’s Unwelcome Houseguest? Well, he’s a Milwaukee Brewers fan. Surprising, isn’t it? He’s also an avid tweeter about the Brewers. Bases loaded @Brewers w no outs and 1 run Fn sucks! Really? Really? Counsell just do a suicide squeeze. Do something & don’t b out Maddened — Kato Kaelin (@Kato_Kaelin) July 29, 2017 Counsell MUST B

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Baseball’s Always Had An Asterisk

I’m sick of the holier than thou bullshit around the Hall of Fame, especially after the recent selections of Pudge Rodriguez and Jeff Bagwell. There were many complicit in the Steroid Era, I won’t put this on the players or managers. The fact is that MLB was losing money and I’m basing my comments around their own Capitol Hill testimony.

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