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World Series Preview: Dodgers V. Rays

The Los Angeles Dodgers are a team of destiny, propelled by the winds of the baseball spirits to finally claim a title after 32 years without.

The Tampa Rays are a team of destiny, propelled by the pitching and timely-hitting formula that has allowed previous penny-pitching clubs like the Minnesota Twins and Florida Marlins to claim titles.

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NL East: Buy, Sell or Does It Matter Since Washington’s Sleep Wal….Wait. What?

So, somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 games ago, one wag (that’s old-timer for smart-alec punk) dismissed the entire National League East except Washington, who was guaranteed to “sleep walk through the division.” Little problem with that. Washington has been asleep alright, but not winning at any particularly rapid pace and has been far behind just about everyone in the

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