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Careful With That Small Sample Size, Eugene

Last year, Texas confounded everyone by outperforming their projected record by 13 games. Most of that was attributable to the bullpen, led by journeyman Sam Dyson, who took over ninth-inning duties for Shawn Tolleson (who was non-descropt for the most part until he became the closer). Matt Bush, Tony Barrette, Jake Diekman, and Alex Claduio also contributed greatly to the

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Expansion Teams – Win Now, Win Later, or Win Never?

Since 1961, we’ve been in the “Expansion Era” (among many), since that was the year that baseball moved past the ‘traditional’ 16 franchises to the 30 we have now. While some decry that ‘watering down’ of talent in the majors, they mostly can just yell at clouds and complain about the sex talk on Golden Girls. Baseball needed to expand.

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