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Hustling is For Winners

Surely, I can’t be seeing what I’m seeing. It’s the playoffs and we’re jogging to first? In addition to kids on my lawn (can’t you see the over-seeding?) and young people not knowing the value of a dollar (1.17 Euros), I have a third pet peeve: ballplayers who don’t run to first base every time. It’s selfish, undisciplined, and unexplainable.

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NL Central: 60 Days At The Circus

It wasn’t that long ago that the Brewers were the class of the division, the Cubs were trying to figure out a way back to the promised land and the Cardinals were just kind of a mess. Then an elephant got on the trapeze, some kid stole the clown shoes from Bozo and the bearded lady got electrolysis and moved to Ft. Lauderdale. All in all, nothing makes sense and predicting how this will play out? As the guy with the balloon animals says, “Fuhgedaboudit.”

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