Pablo Sandoval Diet Tip: Sugar Free Gum

After a few weeks of fat shaming, Pablo Sandoval announced Monday that he had turned over a new leaf and was making an important change in his diet.  “I know I play good at any weight, but I wanted to meet the Red Sox halfway,” the Boston third baseman explained.  “So no more Double Bubble for Panda, I chew Trident sugar free gum now.  Double Bubble is 15 calories per piece, Trident is only five calories. Panda don’t need ten empty calories every time he chews gum.”

Asked if he planned to make any other changes to his diet, Sandoval said he was feeling good “about this gum thing.”

Bonus fun math/nutrional fact: former Red Sox manager Terry Francona reportedly chewed 72 pieces of Double Bubble per game — that’s 1080 calories per game just from gum, or more than half the daily recommended calorie intake for an adult human.  It’s also 288 grams of sugar, which is a lot.

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