Smitty’s Loose Change: Adam Laroche, Charles Barkley, Ballpark Beer

This is one of those “notes columns,” that’s the trademark of a lazy writer. Just little pieces of stuff I’ve picked up this week.

You’ll watch a lot of college basketball this weekend. And of course, you’ll have to pick and choose what to watch and when to behave like a regular human being. But the two games you must not miss: Kentucky vs Indiana, Virginia vs Butler.

Oregon State’s coach used to be Michelle Obama’s brother. And now it’s Wayne Tinkle. Can you imagine? “Hi, I’m Coach Tinkle.” [pause] HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Why does Spike Lee do those credit card commercials with Samuel L. Jackson and Charles Barkley? The commercials aren’t funny and that credit card company is the worst of the worst. Lee is a brilliant filmmaker. Can’t he do something about the lame gags in these scripts?

Brad Bortone’s post about ballpark beer marks his triumphant return to writing. He’s responsible for the birth of TheSpitter, having spent the dark winter months holed up, building your new favorite web site. Thank you, Brad.

The world was happy to see Yale beat Baylor, if only to avoid watching the advance of a team dressed like hi-lighter markers.

Ganot-Eran5_5914Did you see the shirt that Hawaii coach Eran Ganot wore in his team’s Friday win over Cal? Basketball coaches wearing suits always look uncomfortable. Sweating and flailing all around. But West Virginia coach Bob Huggins is the worst slob in the NCAA. He’s the Manny Ramirez of college hoops. Ganot’s black, untucked, button-all-the-way-down joint? Looked sharp, looked comfortable. Do they have ’em in double XL?

The White Sox/Adam LaRoche thing spiraled out of hand mighty quickly, didn’t it? Chris Sale blasted GM Ken Williams for the (perfectly reasonable) policy that led to LaRoche’s retirement. If Robin Ventura can’t get hold of Sale and his clubhouse, maybe Williams should float Sale’s name around to some other GMs. The Sox could get a ton of talent for Sale.

smitty, that’s a stupid idea.

Yeah. Probably. Never mind. But isn’t it at least time for Ventura to stand up and tell everyone to shut up and get ready to play ball?


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