Play the Indoor Four Contest for May

Apologies for the delay, but we begin anew for May!

Jackie Bradley, Jr. picked up a pair of triples on the final day of May to make a winner of Conley, so he takes a three-point advantage into the second month of the season.

Locked and loaded. Let’s play!

On to the obligatory rules:

Spitter staff members are ineligible.

Each contestant is limited to one selection per month.

Selected players are eligible for that day’s games if they were selected before the first game of said day. If picked after games have begun, they will be eligible the following day.

If your nomination is injured during the month, you can choose a replacement, but must stick with that replacement player for the duration of said month even if your original choice returns from the disabled list. Should your replacement player go on the DL, you can again pick a replacement.

Only officially scored inside-the-park home runs are accepted, no creative scoring where a bunt and sniper-like throws lead to a trek around the bases.

How the scoring works:

First contestant with an Indoor Four for the month: 5 points

Inside-the-park home run: 4 points

Triples: 1 point

Monthly points leader: 1 point

Greg Gagne Special (two Indoor Fours in one game): 10 points

Ichiro Special (All-Star Game Indoor Four): 5.1 points

Send your selections to

(Please include whatever username you’d like to utilize for the leaderboard, which will be posted here)

A $100 shopping spree on The Spitter’s dime hangs in the balance, so as Harry Caray once said, “Let me hear ya!”

Make your choice, good luck and thanks for playing!


Conley 5

Ace of Bases 2

Count Gary 2

Chilean Bamboo 1

Beek 1

Clingman 1

FantasticFourBagger 1

Jeremy Popscene 1

Ramzavail 1

Spike Vrusho 1

PLAYER (Triples for May [Overall points for May]

Ketel Marte SEA (2) [2]

Mookie Betts BOS (1) [1]

Billy Hamilton CIN (1) [1]

Odubel Herrera PHI (1) [1]

Andrew McCutchen PIT (1) [1]

David Peralta ARI Jean Segura ARI (1) [1]

Trevor Story COL (1) [1]

Jose Altuve HOU (0) [0]

Jackie Bradley, Jr. BOS (0) [0]

Billy Burns OAK (0) [0]

Matt Carpenter STL (0) [0]

Josh Harrison PIT (0) [0]

Hunter Pence SF (0) [0]

Anthony Rizzo CHC (0) [0]

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