Loose Change: Work is for suckers, Bob Horner, Airport Noise Generator

Man. Work. Am I right? Who thought full-time jobs were a good idea? I keep telling my boss that the world needs to hear my baseball-related wisecracks. My employer is cutting way, way into my goof-off time.

That’s why I haven’t posted in a while. That’s true for my colleagues, as well. We’re all overburdened with work. Otherwise, we’d fire off little hardball bon mots every few hours. You understand, right?

Anyway, we’re all hoping to step up our games a little as the season’s stretch run heats up. Thanks for reading us. We hope you’re enjoying this first season of The Spitter. We’re sure having a good time bringing it to you.

Scott Fendley’s not conservative about much. His baseball ideas can sound radical sometimes. But he’s a regular Ayn Rand when it comes to signing pitchers to big deals.

Emery J. heard somebody on ESPN say that Bryce Harper is the 83rd-greatest player in the history of baseball. Uh … no, he’s not. Maybe one day, but not yet. NOTE: Emery loses points for disparaging remarks about Bob Horner, who had a top-10 baseball perm.

Speaking of the Nats, Duke Jackson has GM Mike Rizzo in his crosshairs. If Rizzo doesn’t deal for Andrew Miller before the deadline? Boom. Fired.

Not since Jack McDowell flipped off New York has a White Sox pitcher behaved so badly.Chris Sale chopped up his handsome ’76 throwback jerseys. He got suspended for his action.

You ever think about expansion? Sometimes Scott Fendley does too. Here’s a smart idea he had this week.

What about airports? You like ’em, don’t you? Good. Here’s an interactive airport terminal noise generator.


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