Loose Change Special Edition: Tigers, Mets and LeMahieu

Normally, if I have any loose change, I throw it on the table on Fridays. But today’s baseball-less schedule seems like a better time to do it. So here goes.

Congratulations DJ LeMahieu on the National League batting title. You bum. Colorado’s LeMahieu spent the last two days of the season on the bench to protect his .348 average from the surging – and waaaay better – Daniel Murphy of the Nationals. Murphy’s been hurt for the past two weeks, but got an AB in Sunday’s finale against Miami. LeMahieu got a Denver thin-air bonus clung to the bench as his team lost – at home, no less! – to the Brewers. Special dishonorable mention to manager Walt Weiss.

How ’bout those Tigers, huh? Gaaaack! Headed into Sunday, they remained a long shot for a wild card slot but who expected them to roll over so easily? Justin Verlander certainly did his part, holding the Braves to one run on the last day of Turner Field. But the big Detroit sluggers couldn’t push one run across. Final score, 1-0. I don’t care how hot the Braves were in September … they finished 25 games under .500 and 26.5 games out of first. The Tigers choked up a hairball in Atlanta. Special dishonorable mention to Detroit’s Justin Upton who looked at the last strike of the season. As legendary Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell used to say, “He stood there like the house by the side of the road.”

The preseason consensus pick to win the National League was not Washington. No, most experts picked the Mets. And while the Mets have had their well-documented injury troubles, the Nats had some pretty big troubles of their own. So the jubilation over a Mets wild card berth is kind of … I don’t know … overblown? Look in the other league at Baltimore. Remember where they were picked? LAST. Expert after expert picked Baltimore to finish in last place in the AL East. So if you’re looking for a feelgood story, the O’s are your team.

Finally, the world’s loudest sound system. If you turn it up full blast, it’ll suck all the air of the room. That’ll kill you, says Ricardo Rinaldi, the sound system’s manager.

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