All right, Mets fans. Time to step off the ledge or at the very least, take one foot off and place it on solid ground.

Let’s focus on what’s happening on the field and stop putting so much time and energy into what’s happening off the field.

Matt Harvey apologized (let his pitching do the talking now). Cespedes should be back by the end of the month. And Syndergaard – okay, that one really HURT, like a stab in the heart. But if anybody will train harder and work harder to get back, it’s Thor.

Monday’s game did not have a lot of flash, but maybe that’s a good thing. An old-fashioned, solid come-from-behind win. Just what the doctor ordered. We’ve had enough drama.

Perspective: It’s May 9. The Mets are 1 game under .500.

Like I said before, it’s not where we hoped to be. Preseason expectations were extraordinarily high and the Mets have been in the limelight since the 2015 postseason. Something I don’t think players and fans are quite used to, even now.

However, we’ve managed a few win streaks and managed to score more runs with fewer home runs. That’s been a big (and ongoing) criticism of the Mets. But lately small ball, clutch hitting, rallies and a solid bullpen have been helping the Mets add to the W column. I know they say chicks dig the long ball, but this chick digs clutch hits and game winning singles.

In case you missed it:
– Jose Reyes has broken out of his slump.

– Curtis Granderson makes some incredible catches (and his work ethic: incredible).

– Neil Walker is a solid all around player (and has said he is happy being a Met)

– Jay Bruce is finally producing the way we expected him since we traded for him (his current stats more closely aligned to his career stats).

– TJ Rivera is batting .321.

– Michael Conforto is the man.

– We’re no longer playing NL East teams (woo hoo!)

The hitters have picked up where the pitchers have left off. True definition of teamwork.

Try not to scoreboard watch. It really is too early to proclaim anything, good or bad. How many teams have a bad first month, only to be in the playoffs in the end? How many teams have been hot in April only to fizzle later on? The team with the best record does not always win the World Series or even advance to the next round in the playoffs. And sometimes the team with the weakest record in the playoffs gets hot in the right moment and wins it all (circa 2006 Cardinals, sorry Carlos Beltan, I know that was a wicked pitch from Adam Wainwright, but I still hate you).

Like the Aesop’s fable tells us: Slow and steady CAN win the race.



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