AL EAST: Buy, Sell, Or Drink?


It’s the halfway point of the Major League Baseball season and, just like every year, the front-office staff of each team must decide if they have a chance to win the whole thing, if they need one more player, if they’re on the right track with the youngsters they have but should trade off all valuable pieces, or if they should think about eating something because they’re faces are actually on the bar and it is two in the afternoon for cripe’s sake.

Here’s how the AL East looks.

The Yankees and Red Sox have been neck and neck after a rocky start by New York. They’re top-six in hitting and pitching combined. They don’t turn many double plays, though. You know why? Because nobody gets on base against them.

New York’s starting pitching staff is rounding into form and Sonny Gray is starting to look like Sonny Gray. Don’t know about Tanaka though.

Boston has the same story. A little better results from Eduardo Rodriguez as the fifth starter could be the difference for the pennant. This is going to be a great summer. Either a trade or someone called up from AAA could end up being the difference. But is there a need? No. Definitely HOLD ‘EM unless one of them can get a bonafide starter for nothing to be the fifth starter and even then, no need to trade the farm system. You don’t need five starters in the post-season anyway.

Tampa Bay has been flirting with .500 for a good part of the year. Their starting pitching is the reason. And no, I don’t mean reliever Ryne Stanak who, along with Sergio Romo, gets called on to start and throw an inning apparently just to mess with the other team. I guess it’s clever. Or it just means you have a lousy number five starter. Blake Snell is a Cy Young candidate. Definitely a TRADE MORE scenario if they can unload veteran offensive dead weight for prospects and hope for more offense from the kids next year. The defense is nice. Only one error every two games.

Toronto surprised some people to start the season. Unfortunately for the Blue Jays, their best starter is the Red Sox or Yankees’ third or fourth best. I had hope they could hang on, but after that, it’s a dumpster fire. Bullpen’s got some nice pieces. Lot of players on this roster that need to go. Kendrys Morales and Curtis Granderson are trade bait waiting to happen. TRADE MORE/KEEP DRINKING.

Baltimore. Oh. My. God. If you’re going to tank, this is the way to do it. .284 winning percentage. Nice. Leave no doubts. Leave no losses unturned. Management also gave away the keys to their homes, their vehicles and have no idea when their wives left. There are four pretty decent relievers on the team and Dylan Bundy gives them six innings every start. Other than that, it’s three years of repossessions and divorce court until this thing turns around. If Manny Machado, Adam Jones and Danny Valencia go, this team could finish under .200. Valencia’s 33. Jones is 32. Either could bring a ton of talent and hope for the future. Manny Machado deserves better than this. KEEP DRINKIN’

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