MLB Considers Adding More Mediocre Teams To The Postseason

Trevor Bauer’s right. The latest proposed playoff scenario from Major League Baseball as reported by the New York Post is a dumb idea.

Here’s the post from Trevor Bauer@BauerOutage “No idea who made this new playoff format proposal, but Rob is responsible for releasing it, so I’ll direct this to you, Rob Manfred. Your proposal is absurd for too many reasons to type on twitter and proves you have absolutely no clue about baseball. You’re a joke.”

Actually, it’s a series of dumb ideas.

First: Seven teams in the postseason, meaning an additional two teams that barely played .500 ball. Just what the game needs. More bad baseball.

Two: the best team in each league would get a bye while waiting for the Phillies and the Diamondbacks to duke it out. Just what every team wants: five days off to get rusty.

Three: Each top team would get to pick their opponents. What in the hell is this? More bad baseball as the best team, now rusty, gets to pick the team with the most injuries so they can all play more bad baseball. Also, this idiocy would taint future champions’ legacies because they get to hear, “Sure, it was a title, but it wasn’t exactly the same. After all, they did get to pick the team that was just in a bus crash.”

Four: No more road games for three-game wild card games between division winners and wild card teams. Nice. Take away not only the opportunity for each city in the playoffs to host games and also for the teams to increase support among their fan bases.

Five: There’s the made for TV show in which teams pick their opponents. Sort of like “The Bachelor” but with more spitting.

So what is this? An effort to end tanking? Not likely as mediocrity just breeds mediocrity and tanking is a four-year plan. What it seems like is desperation on many fronts: more television dollars, something “different” for the sake of being different, and the chance for large-market teams that missed the postseason –like 2019’s Boston Red Sox– to magically stay alive and have another go at it.

It can’t be for the fans. If it were, they’d be able to go to the games.

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