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Corporate Greed and Why I Couldn’t Watch the Tigers

Corporate greed, aided by political complicity, is running amok in America, potentially leading to catastrophic consequences. Not the least of which is that the fucking Tigers games were blacked out of my MLB streaming package this past weekend.

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Donald Trump Predicts the 2016 Baseball Season

First of all, let me congratulate you on reading the classiest, best, most accurate baseball predictions on the Internet. As you all know, I am very smart – brilliant, in fact. I also attended the best schools and I have the best words, so this will be an incredibly well-written predictions column. You’re welcome. Second, this baseball season is gonna

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Tanking is Stupid… And it’s Not Really Happening in Baseball

I get it. It’s the offseason. Dexter Fowler is the best free agent left on the board. Baseball writers need something to talk about. But the recent wave of tanking talk is a bit of a stretch. Dave Cameron did a great job of refuting the tanking notion over at Fangraphs, saying: “It’s interesting that this issue is being raised

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