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Occasional Days Of Remembrance Are Not Enough To Address Issues Blacks in Baseball Faced Or Their Future In The Game

“…stop whitewashing the history, acting as if the story ended in 1947. And, MLB would do small but important things to bring back the connection to black fans so that the interest spreads to the talented among us. “

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A Career So Sweet…But Too Short For The Hall?

Bob Moffitt: (Posey was) rookie of the Year, MVP, 7-time All Star in 10 full years in the field, four Silver Sluggers, one Gold Glove,
Steve Harmon: Not arguing at all that he wasn’t great, that he accumulated all that platinum. But one thing he didn’t accumulate were the numbers. I’m sorry, but 1,500 hits and 153 home runs – even for a catcher.

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