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World Series Game 7: When Horror Is Also A Dream Come True

It was a glorious year to be a Dodger fan in 2017 -a horribly glorious year.  Photo by Nico Melendez

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Expansion Teams – Win Now, Win Later, or Win Never?

Since 1961, we’ve been in the “Expansion Era” (among many), since that was the year that baseball moved past the ‘traditional’ 16 franchises to the 30 we have now. While some decry that ‘watering down’ of talent in the majors, they mostly can just yell at clouds and complain about the sex talk on Golden Girls. Baseball needed to expand.

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Let’s Get Tanked.

Have you heard? Baseball’s hottest topic this spring is tanking. For those who remain blissfully unaware, allow me to give you a headache: tanking involves a franchise deciding its current on-field talent base is not competitive enough, so in an effort to re-build on the cheap, they undertake a systematic stripping of all viable major league assets in an effort

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