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Hustling is For Winners

Surely, I can’t be seeing what I’m seeing. It’s the playoffs and we’re jogging to first? In addition to kids on my lawn (can’t you see the over-seeding?) and young people not knowing the value of a dollar (1.17 Euros), I have a third pet peeve: ballplayers who don’t run to first base every time. It’s selfish, undisciplined, and unexplainable.

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The Year(s) of Cleveland

This is Cleveland’s year, even if it isn’t. Cleveland was always going to live or die by its pitching. In June, the team lived like kings. Corey Kluber, Carlos Carrasco and Danny Salazar ate hapless batters and crapped shutouts. Trevor Bauer, a strikeout specialist with a Rick Vaughn-like wild streak, was finally limiting his walks. Even 5th starter Josh Tomlin

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