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“Baseball Cop:” A Scorching Rebuke Of MLB Commish Manfred And His “Investigations”

Eddie Dominguez paints a very ugly picture of what the commissioner’s office is really interested in –the appearance of being to be in control– as opposed to what it should be interested in –truth and justice, regardless of the public’s opinion.

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The Book On Hall-Of-Fame Voting, With A New Chapter By Barry Bonds

There’s a sad story in the making. So far, four chapters of 15 have been written. It’s the tale of two accused cheaters -Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens- who this year actually made progress towards one day being voted Major League Baseball Hall-of-Famers. Last year, neither man cracked the 38-percent threshold by sportswriters. Writers are allowed to select only 10 players. This year, both players

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