Make Baseball Great Again

In her most recent Bases Bloated, Elisabeth Galina eviscerates the human-blob-of-tanning-lotion that is Donald Trump, comparing him, rather aptly, to head lice.

Earlier this week, Goose Gossage bemoaned Major League Baseball as a nancy-boy game filled with bat-flipping prima donnas and stat nerds.

Its appropriate the 24/7 news machine has regurgitated Gossage and Trump in the same week. Saying, “Make America Great Again,” and crying about baseball’s good ol’ days are roughly equivalent. Both are bigotry wrapped in nostalgia. It’s a Tootsie Pop filled with poop. When Trump and Gossage cry for the good old days, they’re bemoaning a time when they could belittle whole groups of people just because they looked or acted differently. Good times, man. Good times.

Nothing needs to be made great again. The Goose and The Donald deserve each other.



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