There’s No Sweatpants In Baseball

Baseball gets a lot of guff that players can be old and/or fat and still do pretty well. Some all-time great baseball bellies include Fernando Valenzuela, Bartolo Colon, Babe Ruth and Pablo Sandoval.  Harold Baines played 22 big league seasons despite being the world’s slowest human.  One British writer derided baseball players as “fat gum-chewers.”

But no one has ever played at baseball’s highest level wearing a pair of dirty grey sweatpants.  (Right, Scott Fendley?)

A pair of dirty grey sweatpants. That’s what Hungary goalkeeper Gábor Király was rocking on Wednesday at international soccer’s second most important tournament, while helping his team win their group by holding Cristiano Ronaldo (soccer’s Derek Jeter) and Portugal to a riveting draw.

It must have been freezing in France, right?  Game-time temps in the low 90’s.

Király, 40, also set the record for oldest player at the Euro Championship and inspired many Hungarians to go to work the day of the game also wearing their filthiest gray sweatpants.  Per Deadspin, Király likes his sweatpants one size too big and gave the following Leonard McCoy-esque quote to the Hungarian press: “I’m a goalie, not a top model!”

Up next for Király, a Round of 16 clash with powerhouse Belgium.  Király is said to already be preparing with a strict regimen of waffles and fancy chocolates.

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  • I think the reason for all of these insults towards baseball players is probably because so many of them nowadays look like they’ve been living in a cardboard box for a few years. Most of them have completely forgotten how to shave and very few of them even know how to wear the uniform pants and stirrups correctly. However, baseball is 100 times more interesting than soccer. Soccer is about as interesting as watching grass grow.

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