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MLB Lockout: The Backdrop

“You’re getting too big of a share,” say the owners who let themselves be talked into enormous contracts for mediocrity. “Why don’t you pay your best players?” asks the union. Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association have done virtually nothing in the way of labor talks since the end of the World Series and as such

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A Career So Sweet…But Too Short For The Hall?

Bob Moffitt: (Posey was) rookie of the Year, MVP, 7-time All Star in 10 full years in the field, four Silver Sluggers, one Gold Glove,
Steve Harmon: Not arguing at all that he wasn’t great, that he accumulated all that platinum. But one thing he didn’t accumulate were the numbers. I’m sorry, but 1,500 hits and 153 home runs – even for a catcher.

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Under New Mismanagement?

It would seem to be unreasonable to question or criticize the Los Angeles Dodgers management decisions considering they just won a World Series a year ago. But we specialize in the unreasonable. Eddie Rosario has carried the Atlanta Braves offense through the National League Championship Series. Yet, the Los Angeles Dodgers continue to pitch to him. It’s one of several

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